14 April 2014


It's Easter time and some holiday for many of us. People are heading to the country, traveling all over. For all of you going to spend some time in your cottage I thought posting this cute house in Norway would bring you some ideas to steal for your house! White and bright, stuffed with things to love, a bit shabby and chic; there are some simple ideas to look for, pattern and textile to think of that really make the accent to this space. Just so cozy and truly a place worth being in during the holiday.

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11 April 2014


Just a serie of nice photos to lead us into the weekend. 

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10 April 2014


Skip the denim for a while and embrace the blue shirt. The white shirt is a total classic but the blue shirt is certainly too. Use it exactly the same way as the white one; dress up or down as the images show. Distressed denim, skirt, black trousers, shorts...whatever and you'll look great. 

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09 April 2014



Big groups as displays. Grouping objects is terrifying I've heard from some people and difficult to master. Trying to add something together and make a vignette is not working and things don't fit together. But it shouldn't really. It's nice when they differ but somehow they need to be a match. I know. 
Some advice: Don't think of objects as a group in a circle, nor either a line, more a group with no regular boundaries. Try to match colours and even pop up the display with one object that stands out. Think about the height, objects should vary in height and be placed next to one that isn't the same height. You can use books to master that part. It can be nice to add some backdrop in art, photos, trays, dishes or just even a coloured or dark wall. Follow these and I know you can do it for you likings.

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08 April 2014


A I try to be selective of the homes I publish on Home and Delicious, part of it is showing you some of my all time favourite homes. Now it's time for one. I've been reading and flipping through my Elle Decorations on my iPad and there this lovely visit was in one of the issue. I remember that I instantly fell for it when I saw it first. It's the home of the Danish fashion designer Susanne Rutzou in Copenhagen, published in Elle Decoration UK, shot by Heidi Lerkenfeldt and styled by Pernille West. This home is shaking by personal vibe and attention to details that matter for the family. The mix of furniture from contemporary to classical Scandinavian. The layout of furniture. The shelvings used along the wall and behind the sofa. Objects placed surprisingly. I think it's just super interesting to search to details! Steal some ideas for your own home. 

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07 April 2014


Monday and the first one in april. When april you think the winter isn't able to show his power any more and we just cross fingers. The mix comes from America this time. It shows the work of ASH NYC, a studio premised on the joining of historically compatible disciplines and under one roof. I heard of it through Gunnar's workmate as his friend is one of the owners. Nice picks to enjoy this monday.

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04 April 2014


It's already been a month since I recommended some great homes and articles to read during the weekend. These are from my collections (my bookmarked stuff to keep and read later) and I feel many of you might like to see and read it too. You've probably seen most of them before, but it's always interesting to read again and again like a great book. Have a good weekend! 

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